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    Course Guidelines


    Welcome to Your Future in E-Commerce

    At Cobra Academy, we’re committed to equipping you with the tools and knowledge to excel in the digital marketplace. Our comprehensive courses are designed with your success in mind.

    Pre-Course Requirements

    • Technology: A reliable laptop or computer is essential for engaging with course content, participating in discussions, and completing assignments.
    • Capital: To practically apply the concepts and strategies you will learn, it’s recommended to have access to a capital reserve of $500 - $1,000. This will allow you to build and scale your e-commerce business effectively.

    Course Enrollment and Access

    • Each enrollment is individualized. Sharing course access or materials is prohibited.
    • Access is granted upon successful enrollment and is available for the period specified in the course description.

    Active Participation

    • Engage actively with all course elements to maximize your learning experience.
    • Complete all activities and assessments in a timely manner to progress through the course.

    Respectful Conduct

    • Our learning community is based on respect and inclusivity. Discriminatory or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

    Intellectual Property Compliance

    • Course materials are for educational use within the scope of your personal e-commerce project.
    • Redistribution or replication of course content without authorization from Cobra Academy is strictly forbidden.

    Technical Readiness

    • Ensure your laptop meets the technical requirements outlined on our platform for an uninterrupted learning experience.
    • Maintain an updated and secure system.

    Communication and Support

    • Constructive peer feedback is encouraged.
    • Our instructors and support team are here to assist you with any questions or challenges.

    Academic and Professional Integrity

    • Commit to integrity by producing original work and appropriately citing all resources.
    • Any form of academic dishonesty will result in appropriate measures.

    Completion and Certification

    • Certificates of completion are awarded to students who fulfill all course requirements.
    • This certificate is a testament to your learning and effort.

    Updates to Guidelines

    • We reserve the right to modify these guidelines. All participants will be promptly informed of any changes.

    For any assistance or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at

    Take the First Step

    Prepare your laptop, set your capital, and join us at Cobra Academy to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality.